Spring Forward

I am not a big proponent of wishing time away, but this winter was a real test of my will, given it was just SO long, cold, snowy and grey.  


But, SPRING is here (although it may not quite feel like it) and I am ready to shake off the winter, and spring into a new season. Are you with me? I knew you would be!

Okay, so I am going to share some of my favourite ways to welcome in this new season of growth and re-introduce some healthy, reset practices to put the dreary days behind us. 


Step 1: Eat Seasonal and Local*

*when possible

Spring is a great time to capitalize on those early harvest fruits and vegetables (or greenhouse produce) that taste a million times better when they are fresh, and locally grown. When we rely on produce that is shipped from all over the world, not only is the end result LESS nutrients, but it also makes a huge dent in our carbon footprint.

Here is a short list of veggies to look out for and incorporate into your weekly meal plans that are grown here in Ontario:

Asparagus, Beets, Cabbage Carrots, Cucumber, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Onions, Parsnips, Peppers, Potatoes, Radishes, Rutabaga, Spinach, Sprouts, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes

And don’t forget those fruits:

Apples, Rhubarb, Strawberries

Hit up those local farmers market, and/or pay close attention to the labels at the grocery store. 


Step 2: Get Outside

Okay, this one might be a bit obvious, but here is why I think you should swap the eye roll emoji for a praise hands.

  1. Spring SMELLS delicious. New growth, damp ground, fresh buds. What is not to love?
  2. Things are GREEN again, and it has been a long couple of months with a brown/white/grey pallet.
  3. Humans are coming out of hibernation, so it is a great opportunity to catch up with neighbours and community members on your neighbourhood walks.
  4. Movement is better with fresh air (proven fact), and movement is a great way to flush out those toxin and get the blood flowing after a winter of Netflix binging, comfort food indulging and sugar laced frenzies.  Taking your workout outside means you are using controlled movements and your body weight to get your heart rate up, and your major muscle groups engaged. Looking for a custom routine that will get your started, shoot me an email I’d love to support you with that!


Have I convinced you yet? If so, consider looking up a new local hiking trail, offer to walk a neighbour’s dog, walk or bike to work to get the blood flowing at the top of the day, or take your workouts outside and skip the cozy gym. 


Step 3: Get your Spring Cleaning On

I love the Gretchen Rubin mantra, ‘Outer Order, Inner Calm’ and it rings so true after a deep and dark hibernation season.  Purging, tidying, cleaning, and re-configuring your home space can imply a fresh start and set you up for a season of hosting, and/or  shared travels and outdoor adventures ahead. Tackle one space, or corner at a time and be honest with yourself when it comes to keeping, or purging “things”. What brings you joy? What is taking up valuable floor space that could other be filled with NOTHING… or a new house plant?! 


Step 4: Log your Eats

And while you are detoxing your home space, considering resetting your internal environment. Log a food journal for a week and assess how your eating habits shape up after the colder months. Here are a couple things to look for:

  1. Are you getting in enough fresh/raw veggies? How about dark leafy greens?
  2. Are you preparing meals at home, or dining out more frequently?
  3. Are you consuming enough water? Are you consuming too many sugar packed drinks/colas? How many cups of a caffeinated beverage are you having daily?
  4. Are you meals balanced? Ie. Veggies/greens at every meal, lean protein source, complex carbs/whole grains, healthy fats (daily omega 3 dose)
  5. What is your main source of protein? Do you need to switch it up, perhaps add a bit more variety?
  6. How much sugar are you taking in daily? Is it refined or naturally sourced? What can you sub in, in place of those refined sugars?


Once you’ve taken an assessment, considering setting yourself a Spring Reset Meal Plan, not to be confused with a restrictive detox, or a heaven forbid…a diet. With a little targeted mindfulness and a ditch that/try this approach you don’t need to feel deprived, rather just re-routed down a healthier, nutrient dense path.

Need help here? I’d love to work with you. Email me today to get started. 


Step 5: Let is Grow

Talk about fresh, what is more fresh than plucking some goodies from your own backyard or patio.  Starting plants from seedlings is the best way to know that they are organic, and not thus not previously treated with growth additives and pesticides. You can start them in a window sill, or even purchase a small, indoor greenhouse. All you have to do is transfer them to bigger pots or a cultivated patch in your backyard after the ‘last frost’ (usually after the May long weekend). Remember: veggies often require full or afternoon sun to thrive, so plot strategically.

Here is a list of some veggies and herbs that thrive in a potted environment:

  • Herbs like basil, coriander, chives, thyme, parsley, mint
  • Root veggies like potatoes, carrots, garlic, beets  (although they require a deeper pot roughly 10+ inches)
  • Vine veggies (with the support of some stakes) like peas, tomatoes, beans, squash, and eggplant

A veggie garden can have a small upfront cost, but the joy of watching things sprout and grow fruit is arguably worth every penny.


So there you have it, you are equipped to shake off the winter blues and jump feet first into a healthy, happy Spring. I’d love to hear what you are tackling first, be sure to share your progress in the comments below. 

– #itsalifestyle

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