#itsalifestyle Baby Favourites: Month 8-11

Somehow I am now the mother of an almost one year old. Rather cliche of me to say, but how the heck did that happen?! We went from a  swaddled potato, to a wiggly crawler, to a moving and grooving supported walker, with a few solo steps here and there.

We have a VERY busy little dude on our hands, his curiosity continually astounds me, and he is his best self with continual movement and a healthy dose of fresh air (although aren’t we all?!). Toys are not as captivating these days which is why you won’t see many of the list, rather he prefers to be out in the real world, watching life unfold around him, and shaking up his scenery on the regular (read: he keeps us on our toes!). 


His biggest growth over the last couple months has been his self feeding skills, which is why you’ll see so many of our favourites this time around pertain to meal time. He loves to eat and is adventurous with flavours and textures, and has most recently found great fun in the use of a fork. 


Excited to share our latest group of favourites for you, if you’d like to reference earlier months you can find Month 4-7 here, and Month 1-3 here


Things We Loved In the Most in the Last Three Months (Month 8-11)…


Vtech Push Walker 

This baby has been a hit for weeks on end, and it has been so great to watch him master this simple tool. Once very unsteady in need of plenty of support, he is now running with this thing and is able to maneuver himself around obstacles and turnaround with ease. These are aplenty in second hand stores and in mom groups, so no need to purchase new.  It will be used and abused and then can be handed down to the next mover and groover in your life.


Peg Perego Siesta High Chair 

We started our feeding journey using the Phil & Ted Lobster Chair to save space in our small home, but eventually found it was much too difficult to keep clean, and was too deep to allow our little guy the proper positioning for self feeding. We invested in this high chair on recommendation from friends of ours and we LOVE IT. It is super easy to clean, folds down for easy transport to the cottage or the grandparents, and he eats so much better it in. While it was an investment,  I highly recommend a good quality chair. 


Contigo Mini Waterbottle 

We picked up these bad boys at Costco because our little dude had grown obsessed with  our 1L Camelbaks. He loves them, drinks a ton of water throughout the day as a result, and has learned how to use them easily.



His latest obsession is balls, in fact “ball” was his first word. We  have adopted a variety of shapes and sizes, and he will literally play fetch with himself throughout  the house. Cheap & cheerful!


Water Table

We found our water table roadside last fall and decided to wash it up & store it until it was age appropriate-  and let me tell you, it was a GREAT find. It is a perfect standing height for new movers, is great sensory play, and keeps him cool on a hot day.  Highly recommend- they are easy to clean up as well, so a great thing to look for gently used as well.


Musical Instruments 

Anything that makes sounds, and loud ones are a favourite in our household. We have drums, rattles, and guitars. These do not make for a calm household, but they do make for a happy little boy!


Make my Day Silicone Bibs

We were gifted one of these bibs and instantly fell in love with the ease of cleaning and the pant saving food catcher built in, we now own TWO. These are hands down the way to go when it comes to self-feeding babes. They wipe clean, they catch everything, and they make your little one look DAPPER. 


Touch & Feel Books

Our dude is all about textures, he loves the books with patches of different materials and will not read a book without that interactive element. “That not my…” Board Books are a great line, and a favourite in our house. 


Love Child Organic Food Packets & Snacks 

With our BLW style of feeding, Hudson eats what we eat 90% of the time. However, this summer with a lot of long trips up to the cottage, or time spent outdoors away from the house we have found the Love Child Organic Food Packets to be a life saver. They are made with real ingredients, have more adventurous pairings compared to the other brands we’ve tried, and are super simple on the go. Hudson has also come to love their oat bars and love ducks as snacks! 


One month to go before we can say we survived year one, and by survived I mean survived. It has been a magical, heart filling, anxiety ridden, stress filled, beautiful year so far so to say we are wrapping it up feeling accomplished and humbled is an understatement… but more on that in my one year reflection. 


Happy Parenting, 


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