#itsalifestyle Baby Favourites: Month 4-7


Well, we are another couple months into this whole parenting thing and we are learning EVERY DAY; learning how to be parents, learning how to parent our little human specifically, and learning how to roll with the punches when everything we have learnt becomes null and void, and the aforementioned learning needs to start all over.


The last blog I posted with our favourites from Month 1-3 was a hit, so I’ve continued to keep track of what stuck from month 4 through to month 7. So here it goes…


Things We Loved the Most in the Last Three Months (Month 4-7)…


Phil & Ted Lobster Chair

With the introduction of solids, this chair has been a huge asset. For now, we’ve opted not to use a traditional high chair as we have such little space in our home, and the beauty of this thing is that it packs down small and is easy to take on the go to spare you from using dirty restaurant high chairs.  The downsides? It doesn’t have a foot rest which is recommended for little eaters – but we just stick a chair underneath it and it works just the same. The other thing I don’t love is that the fabric holds onto the mess of purees- but with a little elbow grease you can get it clean. Lastly, it doesn’t work on ALL tables – if they are too thick, or too flimsy you’ll need to opt for another option.


Skip Hop Activity Centre

We were lucky enough to borrow this activity centre and our little guy loved it! It adjusts to different heights, the toys can be moved around on the platform, and they the toys themselves were a hit. It made for great hands free, worry free time for us parents, and we will be sad when it no longer “works” for our busy dude.



Fun fact: years ago I used to spend my summers in Haiti, volunteering at an orphanage and these seats were hugely invaluable. When I found out we were expecting it was one of the first things I threw on the registry. They are practically indestructible, easy to wash, and help bridge the gap before your little one is sitting independently. Even now that he is sitting on his own, I use it as an impromptu feeding spot, a ‘just sit here and not touch anything’ spot, and a table top/countertop view spot (although this is not recommended by the brand and should be closely monitored). We also got it in a gender neutral colour so we can use it again for the next babe. The downside? If you have a chunky baby, those delicious thighs may limit the amount of time you can get out of this seat.



My mother in law gifted these to us in the early stages of our pregnancy and I didn’t quite “get it”. What could a bundle of  plastic links do for a baby? The answer: EVERYTHING. These are one of his favourite toys, he chews on them, pulls them apart, and is generally very occupied with this cheap and cheerful toy! Bonus: they come in handy when travelling and you want to ensure that toys don’t hit the floor – I just attach them to the toy and hook a link to the stroller, high chair, or carrier… BRILLIANT, I tell ya!


Stacking Cups

Another cheap and cheerful toys that has brought our little guy hours of entertainment. We haven’t quite grown an affinity for stacking the stacking cups, but we love to slam them on hard surfaces to make noise, chew them, and splash in the tub with them. When in doubt, pass the kiddo a cup and he is HAPPY.


Indestructible Books

Another brilliant find, these books are rip and chew proof and this is great news when you have a bruiser, like our son. Bonus: they are SUPER light and make for easy travel companions. You just have to wipe them down for a cleaning, and flatten them out when they get crumbled.

Foam Bath Toys

We picked up a collection of non-toxic foam animals and they are a hit in and out of the bath. Now that he is sitting up in the bath he is looking for a bit more entertainment. We stick them to the side of the tub, and he knocks them off and splashes them around. Outside of the bath, we have found he likes to chew on them, and they have become our cheapest teething toy to date. Who knew?!



Maybe we are raising a diva son, but we had the cutest pair of wood grain sunglasses that proved super helpful in our recent travels to sunny destinations. He was blessed with the biggest baby blues, and as fellow blue eyed folks ourselves – we know how buggish the bright rays can be. Sadly, our first pair just bit the dust in Portugal but rest assured we will find another pair soon! Caveat: I recognize not every baby would keep them on their face, but we lucked out and he leaves them in place.


Camelback Waterbottle

His biggest obsession is also my favourite, my 1L camelback waterbottle. I am known to carry this along with me everywhere I go, and now it serves three purposes. A quick distraction for Hudson, a soothing teething “toy” for Hudson, and a source of hydration for both Hudson and I. Of course I tried to get him a baby version, and he still prefers mama’s (naturally!)


KidCo Peapod Tent

Another super helpful tool that we have been lucky enough to borrow from dear friends. This thing is genius! We used it as a shady nap spot on the beaches in Mexico, and a clean nap and play spot while in transit on recent travels to Portugal. It pops up in seconds, and folds up easily. I could also see this being super useful for park hangs in the summer, when a shady spot is nowhere to be found.


My Pal Scout

Scout came as a recommendation from a fellow mama, and he is a hit. He can be programmed to say your kiddo’s name and is a fun little companion who plays games, sings songs, and can lull them to sleep while in transit. My husband and I get a kick out of how he says HUDSON, and we can also sing all the songs off by heart. 


That’s it for now, our little guy is almost crawling, has been teething for what feels like MONTHS, and has a very active personality so I can only imagine how our list of favourites will evolve over the next couple of months.


Ps. Just in case you think I’ve made it big time, none of these recommendations are sponsored in anyway – they are just things that have worked for us!


Happy Parenting,


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