How I plan to #livealittleextra in 2019

Happy New Year to you!


I hope your year is off to a great start and you are filled with excitement for what lies ahead.


As many of you already know, I LOVE any excuse to facilitate a fresh start. Every year for almost a decade, I’ve mapped out monthly and even weekly goals that have helped guide where I spent my time, energy and money year over year. And while I suspect things will change and evolve this year as I encounter the unknowns of motherhood, maternity leave, eventual job searching and LIFE, l I have mapped out what I hope to tackle in 2019 and I am excited to share these goals with all of YOU.


As a quick disclaimer, if you have yet to find time to map out your year DON’T PANIC, there is still time. Whatever your tendency, there is always value in carving out the time to reflect on what you hope to get out of your time on this planet, and using the year ahead as a bite-sized portion of that- is a great place to start. If you need a little help, or a suggested starting point I’ve created a DIY Goal Setting Starter Kit that I would be happy to share with you, shoot me an email and I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on it.


Now onward to my 2019 goals…


A couple reflection points and themes have influenced these goals which I will preface first.


  1. Struggling with finding my former self in my new role as a mama


I am told this is normal, and while I am happy to evolve my sense of self as I adapt to life with a babe I need to be conscious of what makes me happiest, and healthiest. Some aspects of my former life need to go, others need to be put on pause, but most just need to be adapted to better fit my current lifestyle. Self care and my own health and happiness is a BIG focus of my goals this year.

  • Self care (time outdoors, massage, baths, time alone, reading)
  • Managing new anxieties and stress
  • Fitness & Body Positivity
  • Friendships & Relationships
  • Nurturing my passion + talents


      2. Continuing to invest in my marriage and our shared partnership


Just as mamahood has changed ME, parenthood has changed US. We are still as devoted as ever, but it has become strickenly clear that we need to reserve energy and attention for one another as we continue to shape this new family unit of ours. Carving out time, maintaining open communication and nurturing those once smitten kittens is top of mind headed into this new year.

  • Date nights
  • Open communication
  • Positive affirmations & love languages
  • Just Because


      3. Honing my Mama instinct and investing in my bond with Hudson

This may come as a surprise to you, but this whole mama thing is BRAND NEW to me. I find myself oscillating daily between “I’m nailing this” and “I’m a big fail” with “I’m hanging on” somewhere in between, which I suspect is not totally uncommon but it can lead to some significant anxiety at the end of the day and at times takes away from the magic of this chapter. On top of that, I sometimes find myself so entrenched in the day to day checklist of needs that I forget to soak up the milestones, relish in the tiny little belly laughs and capture OUR time together- not just his time with everyone else. After all, when I head back to work in the Fall I can already tell I am going to crave to have all of this back, the good, the bad and the ugly.  So I am making this the third theme of the year, to ENJOY this time and to make the absolute most of it.

  • Development classes & feeding courses
  • Journalling his development
  • Getting outside & exploring
  • Trying new things (baby led weaning, play groups etc.)
  • Daily/ weekly photos with Hudson
  • Creating a photobook of his first year



Here is how I plan to #livealittleextra in 2019


January – Start Living & Learning with Baby group + Explore couples therapy with Nick (proactive not reactive relationship maintenance – don’t worry folks!)


February– Aim for 150km walked by the end of the month + Take Feeding Little’s Course


March– Create a self care routine to follow daily + Start Hudson on solids (!!)


April– Share a daily affirmation with Nick +  try a new recipe every night 


May– Take a daily photo with Hudson + Arrange a date night every week


June– Try a new form of movement every week  + connect with a good friend every week (in person!)


+ Start the NEW JOB SEARCH (ekk!)


July– Plan a summer roadtrip +  share a daily highlight with Nick


August– Make a photobook of Hudson’s first year + plan daily Mommy + Me dates pre-daycare 


September– Celebrate 1 year of parenthood with a weekend away + Celebrate our little man’s 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY


October– Read a new book + do something for the first time


November– Dine in, everyday + take Hudson to all the Christmas festivities


December –  Practice Yoga everyday + Start a new holiday tradition



There you have it, attainable bite size goals that all ladder up to my three main themes. Bring it on 2019!


I want to hear all about what the new year has in store of you, comment below or email me- I am always open to brainstorming/riffing  goals and resolutions.




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