#itsalifestyle sets out to inspire you

to live a life less ordinary, one rooted in nutrition, movement, and intentional living.



Mindful consumption focused on food as fuel. Fueling all aspects of your health and LISTENING to what your body needs, how it responds to food, and consequently what it doesn’t need.



Integrating and entrenching movement and exercise into your everyday life to treat your body in such a way that it performs for you, ages gracefully, and supports all your endeavors without complaint.

Intentional Living

Intentional Living

This is about demanding more than the routine of life and making the conscious, daily decision to #livealittleextra. You do this by stepping outside of your comfort zone, setting unique and exciting goals, and infusing each week with creativity, excitement, and fulfillment.

Our signature coaching framework integrates these roots to inform your holistic lifestyle design.

Group Coaching

The Know Yourself Best, six week program for YOU, the motivated and inspired human looking for the tools, resources, and community to craft your best life. You will complete this program with a clear vision in the form of a lifestyle map, ready to create real and sustainable change.

Heck Yes, When Can I Start?

Private Coaching

You have personal nutrition, movement, and/or intentional living goals in mind and need the support and guidance to make them happen. By the time you complete this fully customized, one-on-one coaching program, you will implement sustainable behaviour tweaks, entrench new habits, and be well on your way to living your BEST life.

Oh ya! I’m Ready!

Workshops & Speeches

Your community or corporate group is looking for health and wellness coaching, well that sounds like a great (and incredibly smart) group of humans. You’re in luck, I offer custom hands-on workshops and speaking engagements.

Let’s DO this!

#itsalifestyle is for you if…

You are prepared to dig deep and explore what defines YOUR best life, find what is missing and live a little extra.

You are excited by the prospect of 1:1 attention and coaching that will encourage accountability and progress for real, sustainable change.

You have a drive to be the best friend, partner, parent, employee, family member, community member and YOU, possible.

You are ready to live your best life and craft a lifestyle focused on what makes you happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled.

THIS ALL SOUNDS AWESOME, but what’s the investment?

Group Coaching

Know Yourself Best
6 weeks

Private Coaching

Weekly sessions
Min. 6 weeks
$80/ week

Speeches & Workshops

Priced Independently

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