Breaking Up with Social Media

Yes, I was an early adopter of FB, Insta’s biggest fan and a regular scroll-er AND post-er, but slowly, and then all at once it became JUST.TOO.MUCH. 


I found myself mindlessly scrolling valuable time away, letting negative self talk creep in, allowing the opinions and thoughts of others to impact my personal decisions, and for what?


Great question, up until a month ago I had an answer for that too.

The Excuses

  1. I have travelled extensively in my 29 years and social media is an amazing way to stay in touch with global friendships, both actively and passively.
  2. I am building a business and sharing my life’s passion… and the easiest way to do that is through social media.
  3. Pics… or it didn’t happen. Amiright?

Wrong, Britt. As it turns out…

  1. You’ll make time and effort for the relationships that mean the most to you via other channels of communication.
  2. My @hashtagitsalifestyle Insta is still alive and well and because it is business, it is definitely less intrusive and obsession ridden.
  3. And, you can still take all the pics, without the adding pressure of posting, filtering and gif-ing the crap outta them!

So now what?

I have been off Facebook and my personal Insta now for roughly a month, it took me about a week to curb the impulsive and almost involuntary attempts to login into the FB browser during a work session, or mindlessly attempt to flip to my personal Insta account before remembering I am in hiatus, but after that it is has been smooth sailing.

I have more TIME on my hands to read, converse, stroll or RELAX.

I have noticed a significant decrease in the burden of negativity, allowing me to regain control over my own mood, and what I choose to let influence me throughout the day.

I have also enjoyed the freedom of relishing in this new stage of life (#realpregnancy) with my small little tribe, without the added pressure of serving up filtered, conscious accounts of my own unfiltered, real experience.

What does this all mean for you?

It could mean absolutely NOTHING, as always… you do you.

But,  if you were looking for a nudge, or reassurance that there is still fulfilling life outside of your various screens, HERE IT IS. If this peaks your interest in any way I challenge you to give it a whirl.

Deactivate and unplug for a few days, set yourself a goal and deliberately track how you feel, how you go through your day, and what you miss/don’t miss one little bit. Remember, (almost) nothing is permanent unless you want it to be.

Lastly, social media doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. If you can moderate, great but it is important to know yourself well enough to recognize when the control is slipping, when the negative begins to outweigh the positive, and when being on trend doesn’t benefit YOU.

– #itsalifestyle

– #itsalifestyle

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