I work with people like YOU,

who are craving ‘a little extra’ out of life, by facilitating a customizable coaching framework rooted in nutrition, movement and intentional living.

I wasn’t always living my best life. In fact, I entered my 20s overweight, inactive and generally unhealthy.

It wasn’t until I found myself in a vegan restaurant on an island off of Hong Kong, that I started to realize that things could be different… that I could feel differently. Now that is a longer story for another time, but what I learnt during that meal, and subsequently with my own research (and eventually, formal education) kickstarted a lifestyle shift that as led me here…

And “here”, is my BEST life…

My best life has me waking up each morning with the intention to eat, move and live to the best of my ability. It also involves, a daily chocolate hit and puppy snuggles, adventure planning, sneaking in a punch (or two) at regular kickboxing sessions, spending valuable time with my humans (big & small), testing new recipes, making delicious and nutritious meals, dwelling in my challenge zone, and of course sharing the framework and coaching philosophy with the growing #itsalifestyle community.

But most importantly, what does YOUR best life look like?

My 29 Before 30 #livealittleextra List