8 Steps to your BEST SUMMER YET

With our harsh winters and soggy springs, we tend to LIVE FOR THE SUMMER… and before we know it the leaves are starting to turn and we are feeling nostalgic for something we wish we had done, something we wished we had seen, and people we wished we had connected with before the hibernation repeats itself.


Sound about right?! …


Instead of relying on our hopes and dreams to come through for us, I propose a proactive approach where we can actualize the things we want to see and do by saying them out loud, plotting them out, planning ahead, and living a little extra.


If you are NOT a planner and this is already making you uncomfortable, hear me out.


I am not suggesting you HAVE to have a full on hard copy calendar marked up with daily agendas (although this may or may not be what my summer looks like). I am proposing a #livealittleextra Summer Bucket List of sorts, a list of experiences you want to capture that are strictly seasonal and must be crossed off before Fall is upon us.


To be fair, I think every season could benefit from a list like this (read: we can’t just live for a couple months out of every year), but the summer is especially plentiful so it is a GREAT place to start.

Here is how to get started:

1. Map out your prior commitments.

Think wedding and baby showers, weddings, family reunions, work events/work travel, etc. This helps give you an understanding of how many weekends and evenings you have to play with.

2. Prioritize your vacation time.

If you among the lucky ones who are able to utilize vacation during the summer months, come to the table with an understanding of how many days you want to use, what your available slots are based on work responsibilities, and how much this leaves you to play with throughout the summer.

3. Budget accordingly.

Okay this is the boring one, but there is nothing more disappointing than planning an experience that you have to cancel, or postpone because it is just not in the budget. Start setting aside money NOW, and prioritize your spending accordingly. Think, one less fancy iced beverage a week could mean one more outdoor concert!

4. Collaborate with your favourite humans.

If you have kiddos, this is a great way to make for a memorable summer break,  and schedule balance throughout the summer months to ensure you are all fulfilled, and rested come the next school year.

If you have a partner, this is a way to carve out time together, ensuring each of you have an equal opportunity to weigh in and create a summer schedule you are both happy, and excited by.  

If you are living the single life, use this as an opportunity to balance time with friends, family and any romantic prospects (if you wish you channel energy there), while also establishing  YOU time. 

5. Dwell in your challenge zone.

#livealittleextra is about stepping outside the routine of life and trying new experiences, testing your personal boundaries, and relishing in a world of possibilities. We will almost always have our summer traditions that will be at the top of the list, but I challenge you to sprinkle in a sense of exploration and creativity and add NEW experiences to the list.

6. Create your categories.

You want a well rounded season of experiences, by creating a list of categories you are able to prioritize the experiences that are most important to you… and forget the rest. 

Here are some examples (but you are definitely not limited to these):

  • Outdoor/Exploration
  • Music/ Entertainment
  • In my City/ Town
  • Get Away
  • Sporting Events
  • Humans/Connection

7. Put your pen to paper

Now is the time to dream up that list, find a sunny corner of the house for extra seasonal inspiration and let the ideas flow.

8. Make s*&t happen.

Put them in the calendar, lock down your friends and family, buy the tickets, book the vacation time, plot out the road trip and make the list come to life. Well we are still dwelling in the limbo of Spring, NOW is the time to get started.

Here is a sneak peak of what me and the hubs are tackling before the babe arrives:

  • Attend an outdoor concert in Toronto.
  • Watch a movie in the park.
  • Find a new hiking trail.
  • Celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary in style.
  • Take a roadie.
  • Plant & nurture a veggie garden.
  • Complete our backyard oasis.
  • Soak up relaxation at the family cottage.
  • Celebrate the important milestones of friends… aka weddings galore.
  • Have a picnic.


So I’m curious, what is on the top of your list?

– #itsalifestyle

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