4 things I wish I had known when prepping my freezer for Baby

I had dreamed up this post before baby, but man am I thankful I didn’t write it until now. Because while I had prepped my freezer, had it stocked to the brim…  I had went about it all wrong.


Are you expecting or have a close friend or family member expecting? I have a couple lessons learnt that I am eager to share with you…

#1 Remember, baby’s digestive system is BRAND NEW


I had heard of gassy babies before having my own, but I wholly underestimated the power of a single serving of cauliflower, or god forbid a couple broccoli florets. That veggie shepherds pie topped with cauliflower mash was useless to me, the chopped veggie soup mixes filled with cabbage rendered unusable, and the lentil soups and chilis were also avoided at all costs. Needless to say my husband was well fed, but we had to get inventive for me. If you can, try to avoid all the gas producing foods in your freezer prep.


Instead, make sure your meals are easy on the tummy and avoid those gassy, spicy and dairy rich foods (at least in the first couple weeks) to allow baby’s tummy to develop and get more robust to pass the tough stuff.

Note: I am now 4 months in and I am starting to reintroduce these foods with great success, but it definitely look some time,  the help of a daily probiotic and some baby chiro.

#2 Prep for HEALING


As a new mama, you’ve put your body through a significant trauma. Needless to say there is healing to be had both internally and likely externally, so remember to stock your fridge and freezer with healing foods that will bring you back to your self quicker. Inflammation is very likely in the first couple of weeks, so remember to keep sugars to a minimum and opt to indulge in lots of leafy greens, fibre rich veggies, soups/sauces/curries stocked full of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and garlic, and of course keeping hydration at an all time importance.


A fresh batch of bone broth to heat on the stove top is also something I wish I had prepped. Bone broth is incredible when it comes to inflammation and all around health-supporting, not to mention a HUGE comfort.

#3 Freezer foods are great, but fresh is better


Similar to the note above, remember you are HEALING. Colourful, bright fresh produce and homemade food is exactly what you need to both heal and fuel the milk-making factories. Keep your freezer stocked for when the company dwindles and instead enlist your community in scheduled meal drop offs. Don’t be afraid to specify health minded options, baked goods for middle of the night feed snacking, and variety… because you WILL get sick of casseroles.

#4 Meal delivery is MAGIC


We were gifted a couple meals from those handy dandy meal delivery services (ie. HelloFresh, Chef’s Plate etc.) and we saved this up for when the help disappeared and our freezer was empty. I have to say, this is the absolute best gift for new parents, so forgo the cute onesies (they probably already have a million) and drop one of those gift cards in the mail or hand deliver in exchange for baby snugs. Not only does it offer a fresh, homemade meal but they are generally quick and fool proof for the most sleep deprived among you.



Leave it to the nutritionist to zone in on food after baby, but your health and wellbeing is of utmost importance in those early days. Especially considering you are the single most important life line for that newest addition. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, fuel your body with the best food available and ask for help to do so. In the end my hubs and I managed just fine, but I hope these collected learnings will help YOU as you prepare for baby.


Questions? Send ’em my way!


Happy Nesting,


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  1. Great tips!! Having friends/fam drop off meals was SO helpful with Wes. Hoping to stock the freezer with a few healthy meals for the next one 😀

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