Welcome to #itsalifestyle! It’s time to live your best life, find what is missing, and live a little extra.

I work with people like YOU,  who are craving ‘a little extra’ out of life, by facilitating a customizable coaching framework rooted in nutrition, movement and intentional living.  


Why? Because, I know that our overall fulfillment is interconnected with the way our body feels, the way it moves and the role it plays in challenge and exploration.

The Philosophy

I believe that in order to make real, sustainable change it has to start from an authentic place. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.  With a strong focus on reflection, you will explore what YOUR best life looks, feels, and acts like and walk out with a clear vision in the form of a lifestyle map.

Know Yourself Best

With a clear vision and a strong commitment for change, I will create a fully customized coaching plan to guide you in the direction of your lifestyle map.

You and I will explore habit and behaviour tweaks to infuse what is missing and remove what is no longer serving you.




To sustain the change, I believe in the power of community. Together we will re-affirm your progress by sharing in each others roadblock resilience and success stories, collecting new tools and resources, and surrounding ourselves with good humans who will further fuel your momentum.

Sustain the Change

The #itsalifestyle Community

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